Was born on March 25, 2016 somewhere in South Ontario.
My mom is a Border Collie with a quarter Lab. My father is a Border Collie.

1. I will chase anything that moves - get used to it.
2. I consider myself to be an integral part of the family - don't treat me like a mere dog.
3. I will stick my nose into everyone's business and feel compelled to comment upon my observations.
4. If you should leave me behind, I shall consider this an aberration of proper behavior and will voice my disapproval...loud and long...often accompanied by frantic twirling and jumping.
5. I will determine which of your friends is worthy of my affection, and which are to be observed at a distance, before a verdict is rendered. All decisions are final.
6. I will follow you to the ends of the earth, and ALWAYS into the bathroom.
7. No door is considered to be closed as long as I can push it open with my nose.
8. Give me plenty of toys and activities to keep me busy. You don't want me finding tasks on my own - trust me on this.
9. I have absolutely no qualms about stealing FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD from any source available, even if it is from the mouths of babes.
10. I will sense your every mood and will be happy or sad along with you.
11. I will give you the best moments of our lives and memories you will cherish forever.
12. The large flat device in the bedroom is intended for my pleasure. Do not be upset if I sprawl out in all directions from smack dab in the middle. Please remember that I am a border collie and have been on the go since the crack of dawn. You, on the other hand, have been sitting on your fat fanny in your truck for most of the day. Be honest. Which one of us is more in need of a good night's rest? So I snore. Get over it.